Our technology does not use text when processing documents and does not require classification taxonomies.


Contracts, intellectual property, financials, and design documents can cause material harm if not properly protected.  How do you protect this restricted information, if the file is not tagged as such?

Information governance is an important corporate objective, encompassing security issues, business intelligence, retention policies and supporting litigation hold and e-discovery.  Can it be made easier?

​​​Security, Cyber and Data Leakage


​​facial recognition for documents


Due diligence, investigations and merger and acquisition activities require specific categories of document-based data to be found, consolidated and summarized.  How can the time be reduced to get this done?  

Our technology does not require any training and performs equally well on small or large data sets.

Simplifying Document Identification

Our technology automatically locates documents of interest and groups like documents together.

Our software looks at documents the same way that a person does, using visual signals generated by algorithms and then comparing those signals across a population of documents using deep neural networks.